Aoyikang medical technology Wuxi Co., Ltd. and Jiangyin aoyikang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. are enterprises integrating R & D, production, marketing and service. Enterprises have professional and technical personnel. The disposable hemorrhoid ligation stapler with core competitiveness and technical advantages.

Aoyikang's business philosophy is: fine, simple, efficient and safe. Any science and technology is upgraded by increasing sophistication. Only by focusing more on details can it have a higher content of science and technology. Simplicity is the concrete manifestation of all humanization, which is also the quality of modern enterprises. The typical representatives are the point and shoot camera and iPhone. They have created their own era through the extremely humanized point and shoot operation technology, which is also for aoyi Kang points out the way forward; it is the common characteristic of all industries, and aoyikang, which relies on scientific and technological innovation, is no exception. In China, where the disputes between doctors and patients are getting worse and worse, it is especially worthy of the attention of all our employees. The equipment provided for the employees will be the angel in white, who will gain more respect from all walks of life while improving medical skills. Therefore, it is our responsibility At the same time, we will always strive for the direction.

In the field of equipment driven by innovation, we will give full play to our strengths, master more secrets, develop better products, and let hundreds of millions of patients recover as soon as possible.


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