The 18th Chinese society of integrated traditional Chinese and Western Medicine (colorectal and anal

The 18th academic conference of colorectal and Anal Disease Committee of Chinese society of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine and the 5th Annual Conference of colorectal and anal surgery of Gansu Province, CO sponsored by Lanzhou General Hospital of Lanzhou Military Region, will be held in Lanzhou International Conference Center from August 28 to 30, 2015.

[introduction to the conference]: the conference will continue to uphold the fine tradition of previous sessions of the professional committee, highlight clinical practice, integrate theory with practice, and conduct extensive and in-depth exchanges on new theories, new technologies and new methods in the fields of colorectal and anal benign diseases, malignant tumors and functional diseases, especially the characteristic contents of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine. The conference will invite well-known experts and professors in anorectal field at home and abroad to give a special lecture, discuss the difficult and hot issues in the major of colorectal and anal diseases, and pass on the academic trends for the colleagues to appreciate and learn.

[organizer]: Professional Committee of colorectal and anal diseases of Chinese society of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, and colorectal and anal surgery group of Gansu Provincial Surgery Committee

[organizer]: Gansu society of integrated traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

[meeting schedule]:

Friday, August 28, 2015

12: 00-22:00 registration of delegates (Gansu International Conference Center)

20: 00-22:00 committee meeting of colorectal and anal disease

Saturday, August 29, 2015

08:00-08:30 opening ceremony (Grand Theater of International Conference Center)

08:30-12:30 conference report (Grand Theater of International Conference Center)

12: 30-14:00 Satellite Conference (small theater, multi-function hall and Lanzhou Hall of International Conference Center)

14: 00-18:30 academic report

18: 30-20:00 dinner

Sunday, August 30, 2015

08:00-12:00 evacuation

[conference guests]

Ren Donglin: more than technology

Lanping: the key technique of colorectal surgery

Liu Baohua: progress in surgical treatment of constipation

Fu Chuangang: diagnosis and treatment of Hirschsprung's constipation

Chen Xilin --- feasibility analysis of micro distance measurement from distal end of rectal cancer to anus preservation

Peak: management strategy of obstructive rectal cancer

Li Huashan: PPH after external hemorrhoids dissection for rose shaped mixed hemorrhoids

Wang Xishan: feasibility analysis of ten surgical procedures for colorectal cancer

Zhang Xiaoyuan --- Experience of treating anorectal diseases with automatic hemorrhoid ligation device

Tong Weidong: Investigation on quality of life and defecation function of patients with anterior rectectomy syndrome

Li Chunyu: early diagnosis and treatment of perianal necrotizing fasciitis

Zhang Yansheng: experience of treating pneumoperineal necrotizing fasciitis with integrated traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

Wang Ziqiang: comparison of laparoscopic and HALS right hemicolectomy for colon cancer

Liu Weidong: standardization, evaluation and improvement of laparoscopic resection of rectal cancer

Pang Liming: application of gasless laparoscopic surgery in colorectal surgery

The registration fee is 900 yuan (including conference fee, information fee and meal fee). The accommodation is arranged in a unified way and the expenses are paid by oneself.

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